FixSthlm is a place where citizens can share and report ideas to improve and develop their local neighborhoods. It's a digital forum to inspire action. It collects real-time, qualified data to portray the condition of Stockholm as seen through the eyes of its citizens.

We build the prototype app from scratch during a three weeks Hyper Island module while learning to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript and utilize APIs.

How it works
Utilizing Twitter data sent to account @fixstockholm, FIXSTHLM visualize on Google Maps and separate list issues reported from Stockholm by the users. Initial version is built to enable the communication channel and visualization for the input from users.

Possible second phase would include interactivity to up/down vote and comment issues by users and mark them as completed. For this purpose a Firebase or other database needs to be created. Further development timeline is not yet decided.

Team; Jo Posselt, Joel Järvinen, Jonatan Agami